About us

Welcome to my shop!

My name is Sannia and since I was a teenager I always loved stickers and stationary. I used to collect Hello Kitty stickers, notebooks, pencils and more. Even the Hello Kitty candy! šŸ˜‚ By the end of 2015 I discovered the planner world and since then I became a fan.

Iā€™m always looking for ways to DIY everything that interest me, I started to draw a character inspired by my 4 year old daughter and her favorite stuffed bear that is always with her. I liked my drawings so much that I begin to learned how to make them in digital format and how to make stickers for my planners. All of the sudden my husband got on board and began drawing. He created such a beautiful replica of our daughter's bear that I immediately incorporated them on my stickers. Every person I know loved them so much that they encouraged me to share it with everybody. Since my daughters middle name is Annabelle I found it perfectly suitable for the name of the shop. That is how Lil' Annabelle's plans was born!

I love what I do, it makes me happy. On every design there's something about my family. For example, on Teh-Teh the bear ears there's my husband and my initials. If you look at it very closely you can see and S for Sannia and a D for David. Also Teh-Teh's hair is shaped like waves because my husband and my son are surfers too. The character of Annabelle is a "chibi version" of my daughter and also her personality is reflected on every drawing.

All of our designs are made with such love that I can't choose which one is my favorite. Ha, ha, ha! Life can be hard, but if we surround ourselves with cuteness and positivity we can make it through the day. That's my desire for you when you use our stickers, to create your spread cute, happy and positive so you can feel the happiness. The happiness that makes me create for you. Thank you so much for being here and for supporting our small business.

Love, Sannia.